Letters of Recommendation
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Letters Of Recommendation

**Barb and I are retired school teachers, Barb also being a choir director. We were youth counsellors for 13 years at Goodrich United Methodist. I am presently a Lay Delegate to our annual conference. It gives us great pleasure to recommend Steve Skelley for whatever position he is led by God to choose. It gives Barb and I sadness that we are losing such a wonderful Minister at Wesley United Methodist Church. We know Steve and Joyce Ann Skelley as two dedicated Christians who love the Lord and are willing to reach out to young people as well as children of all ages with great enthusiasm. Steve and Joyce Ann were frequently surrounded by young people at the church and were equally liked by us "old timers." Steve lives the kind of life that any congregation would have been proud to have represented them. He not only has many talents but also is willing to serve in many ways. He is innovative in approach but willing to change if necessary. Steve also has the love and support of his delightful wife Joyce Ann. We know Steve better than some people because he lived in our home until his house was ready. It was well taken care of and actually in better shape when he moved out than when he moved in.

Darrel and Barbara Wilson

9374 South State Road, Goodrich MI 48438


** We will dearly miss the gifts that he, Joyce Ann and Steffy brought to the ministry of this congregation.

Staff Parish Committee / Wesley United Methodist Church


**Our family has gotten to know Steve Skelley as a friend, youth minister and outreach minister over the last 3 years. We have two boys, 11 and 13 years old, who have gone further In their spiritual journey because of Steve’s guidance. We believe Steve to be a true man of God who keeps his eyes on God’s Word and seeks His guidance through prayer. He has always been a part of every outreach ministry project and supportive of everyone’s ideas, regardless of the time and effort needed to complete the ministry. We believe Steve to be an asset to any ministry in any community.

Joe and Kelcey Hereau

Staff Parish Committee and Outreach Committee / Wesley United Methodist Church

797 Preakness Drive, West Melbourne, FL 32904

(321) 956-0944


**I have known Steve Skelley and his family since November, 1999, when they came to interview for the position of Youth and Young Adult Pastor at Community United Methodist Church in Belle Glade, Florida, where I served as Pastor until my retirement in June, 2000. Steve was an immediate hit with our congregation and Staff-Parish Relations Committee, and was offered the position which he took in February, 2000. Within just a few short weeks he had started a contemporary worship service to attract youth and young adults, and made many contacts in the community. He is a gifted musician, and more importantly a dedicated Christian. As his supervisor I never had to worry about finding things for him to do. He is a self-starter and works well on his own or as part of a team. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any position within the realm of his many qualifications.

Rev. David A. Day
United Methodist Pastor, Retired

**Steve is a dedicated man of God who has many talents. Specifically, he is an outstanding Christian musician and communicator of the Gospel. Additionally, his athletic abilities are very helpful in relating to un-churched young people. Steve organizes his ministry effectively and is excellent in his planning. I believe that many young lives will be blessed through Steves ministry in any church in which he serves. We are saddened to see him leave, and pray for Gods continued blessing upon him.

Dr. Ted Sauter
Senior Pastor/North Naples United Methodist Church
6000 Goodlette Road, Naples FL 34109

** Steve Skelley is a wonderful minister. Steve is there for you day or night. He is like my 2nd Dad. He has changed my life so much. I used to dread going to church. Every time I went to Steve’s youth group, I learned something new. He makes youth fun but also a learning experience. He can relate to you and he knows where you are coming from. Steve’s music is awesome! I have learned so much from him.

Kristina Arno

989 Tall Tree Court, West Melbourne, FL 32904

(321) 725-6961

**I am a member of the Staff/Parish relations committee that hired Steve. I was immediately struck by his great faith and his heart for worshiping God with music. We all felt very blessed to have such a devoted man of God on our staff. He is a dedicated, hard-working, team player, always willing to go the extra mile with vigor and enthusiasm. I would trust Steve in any capacity. He would be a great asset to any staff and congregation.

Shelly Ralston
Staff/Parish Relations Committee/Church of the Savior U.M.C.
120 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton, OH 44702
church (330) 454-0153 home (330) 477-1616

**This letter is to highly recommend Steve Skelley for employment. I have worked with Steve on a variety of different levels over the past several years. Most recently, he has been a contributing reporter and writer for our "Community Good News" Christian newsletter. I have also worked with Steve in musical capacities. He is a very creative, talented, and committed individual. He is sincere, honest, and self-initiating. He works well with people, having a warm and friendly personality. I know him to be a man of integrity. I feel strongly that these qualities would make him a very strong asset to any agency or company that he worked for. If I can answer any further questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Pastor Randy Pipes
Refuge Ministries/Community Good News Magazine
816 Bellarbor NW, Canton, OH 44708
(330) 478-1285

**Steve Skelley is a faith-filled, Spirit-led Christian musician. He is the Music Coordinator for the Praise-Prayer-Promise contemporary worship service at Church of the Savior in Canton, OH. Each week, Steve leads the congregation in some of the best contemporary Christian music of the day. He is comfortable leading his own worship songs or interpreting anothers music. His guitar and vocal skills and his obvious confidence concerning Gods call in his life help Steve to inspire the rest of the musicians and lead people to praise and worship God.

Rev. Jennifer Olin-Hitt
Church of the Savior U.M.
120 Cleveland Ave. SW,Canton, OH 44702
(330) 455-0153

**I am the co-chair of the Praise, Prayer, Promise contemporary church service at Church of the Savior U.M.C. in Canton, Ohio. I met Steve at the hiring process and worked directly with him during his tenure with us. Steve was always willing to work with all areas of our church and was willing to use his talents not only for the church, but to lift up the name of Jesus. Steve was a team player who worked well with the many different groups in our church. Steve is very capable and responsible and I am sure he would be a blessing to any congregation

Jim Ralston
Praise, Prayer, Promise Co-Chair
Church of the Savior U.M.
120 Cleveland Ave. SW,Canton, OH 44702
(330) 455-0153

**Steve Skelley gave our church group an evening full of healthy fun. He gave clear, simple instructions while encouraging our efforts. His personality, warmth and humor, mixed with his teaching skills made tennis fun! It was one of our best meetings of the year!

Rev. Brian L. Millard
Singles Minister/Church of the Savior U.M.
120 Cleveland Ave. SW, Canton, OH 44702
(330) 455-0153

**While serving as Senior Pastor of Church of the Savior United Methodist in downtown Canton, Ohio, Steve applied for and was hired to be the lead musician/worship leader for our contemporary worship service (Contemporary Worship Coordinator). Steve worked with us for aproximately fourteen months. During that time, he met weekly with our Worship Team to plan music and help set the direction for our worship experience. Steves love for Christ shone through the music. He encouraged people to draw nearer to the Lord and give themselves unreservedly to our powerful, living God. Steve's daughter and wife were assets to his ministry colunteering for behind-the-scenes leadership roles. Although we hired Steve and had no expectations that they needed to be involved, his family demonstrated both interest in and support for his ministry during our time together. Steve Skelley is a gifted Christian musician, a man of God, a passionate disciple of Jesus Christ.

Rev. David Oliver / Avon UMC

37711 Detroit Rd

Avon, OH 44011


**Mr. Steven Skelley was employed by Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems from March 10, 1986 until his voluntary resignation effective July 31, 1996. He resigned for personal reasons. Mr. Skelley is an intelligent, versatile employee capable of performing many functions. Mr. Skelley is punctual and cooperative
in his work habits. We would recommend him for future employment.

Jack Guess
Human Resources Manager/Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems
2070 Industrial Pl. SE, Canton, OH 44707
(330) 456-7288

**Steve Skelley worked at The University of Akron/Wayne College as a Computer Lab Assistant during the 1997-1998 school year. My experience with Steve has been a rewarding one, as Steve would make a great asset to any company. Steve served us by repairing computers, tutoring computer software to fellow employees and students, installing new equipment, and researching/purchasing computer peripherals. He exhibited a constant willingness to learn our computing and network environment.One of the best strengths about Steve is his strong work ethic. His self-motivation ensures that a job will be done on time and done right. He works well with other people, is always up-beat and positive, accepts criticism well, and is easy to supervise. I highly recommend Steve as an employee, regardless of position. He has the intelligence, motivation, and potential to excel not just in the computer technology field, but in wherever his career might take him.

Tom Hammond
Wayne College Computing Services Manager
1901 Smucker Rd., Orrville, OH 44667
(330) 684-8722

**During the late Summer of 1994, my nine-year-old son, Zachary took Beginner Tennis Lessons from Steve Skelley in Magnolia, Ohio ( a forty-five minute drive each way for us). Zac took lessons for five weeks and in spite of the long drive, I found the lessons to be very worthwhile. Mr. Skelley seems to be very knowledgeable of the game and very able to teach the fundamentals. He was patient with Zac and quietly reminded him of his errors and encouraged him with praise when he did things right. Zac enjoyed the lessons and working with Mr. Skelley.I would recommend Steve Skelley to anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of the game of tennis.

David E. Neubauer
11891 Lair Rd. NE, Alliance, Ohio 44601
(330) 823-4408

**Steve Skelley is an anointed musician, songwriter, and minister of music. I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to receive of Steve's unique gift of music."

Pastor Sharon M. Edwards
Harvest Christian Centers International
116 Ninth St. NW, North Canton, OH 44720
330) 499-5683


Other friends and associates who have offered to be listed as references:


Dr Robert Newell

Director of Music Ministries/North Naples UMC

6000 Goodlette Road, Naples, FL 34109

church (941) 593-7600 home (941) 598-1396


Ron Thomas

Owner/Independent Elevator Inc.

3042 26th NW, Canton, OH 44708

(330) 455-8369


John Daly

President / Luxury Construction Santa Barbara, CA

(805) 680-4460